Economical plastic impact anchor with carbon steel screw Hilti HPS 1

Features & applications


  • The hammer-driven screw can also be driven or unscrewed using a screwdriver
  • Quick impact installation using a hammer


  • For universal use on many materials, including perforated brick and block
  • Fastening trim strips, battens & components for electrical & plumbing installations
  • Fastening components for electrical and plumbing installations

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
230518 Impact anchor HPS-1 M8 20x50 50 KES 2,050.00
230517 Impact anchor HPS-1 M6 30x55 100 KES 2,700.00
230519 Impact anchor HPS-1 M8 40x70 50 KES 2,600.00

Technical data

  • Material, corrosion: Carbon steel, zinc-plated
  • Type of fixing (AS): Through-fastening
  • Multiple package sizes