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Hilti supplies the worldwide construction industry with innovative products, systems and services. The engineering team here at Hilti is aware that there is a constant need to keep abreast of this and also a strong requirement for continuous professional development. This can be purely product based or in most cases covering the ever improving and adapting design methods and industry standards that we use on a daily basis. Therefore the education and training of engineers and architects with respect to innovative and effective solutions is a key focus for our Engineering department. Today’s world however can provide us with less time to achieve these educational goals which is why we at Hilti provide regular webinars on important topics. Allowing you to view them in a live and interactive manner, with our specialists available to directly respond to your technical queries, or at a later time that will suit your own predefined schedule.


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Hilti will be holding webinars for engineers on how cracked concrete and impact anchor design. See below the dates/times and more details on the content.

Both dates have the same training so you can select the best one for you.

05th of December, 16:00 (GMT+3 Nairobi Time)

07th of December, 14:00 (GMT+3 Nairobi Time)

Description of the cracked concrete impact on anchor design webinars

The Structural Engineering community specifies Post-installed anchors with either mechanical or adhesive system in many construction applications. The condition of base material will play a key role in selecting the type of anchor to be used. Concrete base material is classified as either cracked or un-cracked. It is not possible for a reinforced concrete structure to be built without having cracks under working conditions, provided that they do not exceed a certain width limit, however it is not always necessary to regard cracks as defects in a structure. Concrete can often crack due to age, temperature variations or loads. Research and tests showed that cracks will run through these weak points where anchor exists and will influence anchor behavior and performance therefore only specific anchors are qualified to work in cracked concrete.

Accordingly, before designing anchor systems for concrete, it’s always important to consider the condition of the concrete you’re working with. Our Free technical webinar will have a deep dive in cracked concrete topic and how it influences the anchor design, behavior and resistance.

The webinar will focus and address the following topics;

• Introduction to Cracked Concrete

• Post Installed anchor behavior with cracked concrete

• Why Cracked Concrete matters for Fasteners

• How anchors are assessed and qualified for cracked concrete

• When to consider concrete as cracked concrete and when not to.

• Explanation on how cracked concrete affect the design Who should attend: Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, QC Engineers who usually supervise fastening applications with post installed anchors, All Engineers who design fastening connections and use post installed anchors.